Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Versatile clothing

Visited the website of one of my all time favorite companies - Patagonia - a US based retailer focused on apparel and accessories for outdoor clothing. Patagonia is a role model in various aspects of business - from their ideology , culture , environment focus , product design.

It's fascinating to see Patagonia's customer reviews on products . Clearly the customers love the products and feel part of a community .

Versatile clothing is consumer friendly and environment friendly . It if it fits well and looks great - it deserves an Oscar. Who would have imagined that a dress from an outdoor gear company could be worn to a meeting or a wedding as much on a hike or a vacation. Clearly borders (between clothing categories) are fast disappearing. One hopes that such versatile apparel will be available in Indian retail soon. Here we are still in the dark ages in terms of quality , easy to maintain western wear for women !

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