Saturday, July 4, 2009

My network

This is not me . It is however the network I use. 

This is the latest series of ads by Loop mobile . The point of which escapes me entirely.

Maybe this is the latest concept in advertising. Create ads that can't be comprehended . That way customers wonder what it was about / post it on their blogs etc . The purpose of recall is achieved.

(if this ad was modified to show a mobile tower and 'my network' written very near the image I would have agreed wholeheartedly . It would accurately reflect the range of 'my network' . All the folks who have trouble reaching me on my Loop mobile now you know why..) 

Post script - a net search revealed that the idea of the ad is that the network follows you wherever you go. If so , then the ad is off on 2 accounts -
- the point of the network coverage does not come across (clearly). The Vodafone ads made the point re network clearly and in an engaging way with the pug .
- As a Loop mobile user for the past 9 years I can attest to the fact that the network has always been and continues to be erratic . It would do Loop mobile customers a world of good if Loop mobile diverted some of their ad budget into improving the infrastructure and the network experience. 

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