Thursday, January 29, 2009


These days one's work (to the extent /the part that involves net usage) is impacted by the quality and bandwidth of the internet connection. If the net connection is poor then a 15 minute task can take 30 minutes to complete . It impacts the speed with which a business is able to respond to it's customers .

At home I have a terrific internet connection that nowadays works well. The internet connection in the office is relatively slower and more erratic (though improving now after relentless followup with the service provider ) . Still the internet experience at home is way better than that at the office .

Given the importance of the internet connection it's surprising that hardly any of the service providers focus on the productivity aspect in their marketing and promotion to businesses. They talk about the various plans and bandwidth combinations purely as product , price options . The promotion material and the sales reps At best they will ask " does your work involve a lot of data download ? " when attempting to suggest which plan to opt for. Given the number of flyers and salespeople visiting from internet service providers one gets the distinct impression of supply exceeding demand at least in that location .

This mind set of looking at one's offering purely as a product exists in varying degrees across industries . It's a limiting perspective for all involved . Companies will beat themselves to death (or near death experiences every now and then ) on price wars , turn all innovation into an unnecessarily capital intensive endeavor . Focusing on the customer experience and the value (not monetary value) of the service for the customer can make all the difference in turning the business into a win-win , profitable and enjoyable proposition for the customer and the service provider. The ability to execute and deliver outstanding service , re-calibrate to changing customer needs etc are critical . The starting point is the perspective .

I remember reading a parable which talked about a man who fell from a cliff . He managed to hold on to some creepers and hung on desperately all night . His arms were stiff from holding on to the creepers through the tight . He was understandably weary. When dawn broke he looked down and saw that there was a ledge just few inches below on which he could have rested comfortably . If only...

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