Monday, January 26, 2009


Had purchased a fountain pen few months ago . And a bottle of ink . Thereafter either the pen was elusive or the ink bottle was (with some contribution from my diligent maid who reshuffles objects in ways that defy comprehension) . Today after a long time the two were in visual range together. Took some effort to fill the ink in the pen . What followed thereafter was the delightful experience of smooth writing .

There's something inexplicably inspiring and romantic about a smooth fountain ink pen. Evokes past and future memories .

In the day and age of sms and email there is so little hand written communication we send and receive. Which is such a pity . No email or sms can evoke the emotion that a hand written note can .With loss of phone , computer or the data there is only the occasional memory of the communication . Just the effort ( relative to sms/email ) of writing a note and sending it to someone is an indicator that one cares to have made the effort .

I tend to send hand written cards and letters . Recently a friend who's moving to a new residence called to talk about the letters and cards she had received from me over the years . Her sister ( a delightful , spirited soul ) saw them and was touched by it . We shared a lovely conversation reliving memories.

There's one instance that I'll always remember . When I moved out of the company I worked at ( prior to starting SoulQuest) I wrote personalized notes and cards for everyone who had worked with me. A year and a half later when I visited the office I saw the cards on some the tables . It felt like receiving a gift with the same emotion with which it was originally given.

Often we hesitate to express our thoughts thinking that it probably does not matter to the other person , he/she is so self-sufficient etc . A genuine thought always matters to the recipient.

Reach out to the people you care about . Mend hurts , express affection , gratitude , share memories . Acknowledge those who helped you along the way. Write....

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Couldn't agree with you more.