Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where's the service ?

Interesting article by Jeffrey Pfeffer . Retailer myopia is clearly a global phenomenon :)

Third stop: Sears
December Same Store Sales: -7.3%

.....By then I’d had all the fun I could stand, so I went home. So what did I learn in my brief shopping excursion? First, no wonder I hate to go shopping. It has become a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Second, the mall is sort of like an Outward Bound experience: Lots of friendly customers helping each other out, since the sales staff is either nonexistent or would rather not be bothered. Third, without for a moment denying that the principal factors causing the retail downturn are the lousy economy and the credit crunch, it is also the case that the in-store experience adds almost nothing to shopping success......

....We supposedly live in a service economy, now that manufacturing has mostly disappeared. If that’s true, we are truly in trouble. Because in this service economy, where’s the service?

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