Monday, January 26, 2009

Sales opportunities in service centres

My mobile of nearly 4 years needs to be replaced . Before coming to the conclusion that it needs to be replaced I visited the service centre of Sony Ericsson . Had to wait a while till the technical person checked the phone . While waiting there I thought it would be a good idea to check the latest phone options from Sony Ericsson . Did not expect them to have actual phones on display . Thought they would have brochures . Strangely they had no material on new products for a customer to browse through (except some posters on a wall which were more to announce that this was a Sony Ericsson service centre). 

Why a brand would miss an obvious opportunity to present new product offerings to existing customers is a mystery . 

It's possible that the service centre is run as a franchised operation . In whatever way it is structured the point is that existing customers walk into that space on a daily basis . It is a valuable contact opportunity for new business generation . An opportunity for which Sony Ericsson would otherwise( and probably does) spend millions .

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